Life is Full of Ebbs and Flows

Ebb and flow are two phases of the tide, the ebb being the outgoing phase where the tide drains away from the shore and the flow is the incoming phase when the water rises again. Sarah Finney states that “Life is full of Ebbs and Flows…that we need the contrast between the two so that we can learn to take more care of ourselves. We cannot always be in a state of flow, nor can always be in a state of ebb. We need them both.” Before COVID – 19, I confess my life was quite formu

Three Mentors and a Coffee Shop

In my last year of University my work consisted of layered surfaces of plaster and saturated paint, cheesecloth and textured surfaces. After University, I accepted a job in Northern Japan teaching Kindergarten children English through art activities. I continued working on a body of work in hopes of one day having my first Solo Exhibition in Japan. During my five year stay, I met many artists, met my husband and continued working on my work. I look back now and I feel that J