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Public Art Installation: August 2023

In the summer of 2023, community members came together to create an art installation in commemoration of Edmonds 10th Anniversary. This installation is composed of 3 hanging mobiles – each representing a unique piece of Edmonds Community Centre.  Aquatics, Cultural Diversity and General Programs.  Workshops were held during the summer months for families to come together to create symbols in different art techniques that represent the various programs Edmonds Community Centre has to offer.

This was a wonderful experience for me - spending time with the families of the Edmonds community and then putting together their artwork to create the three pieces.  Thank you to Andrea, Stephanie and The City of Burnaby for this memorable experience.  The mobiles will be on display until the end of November in the lobby of Edmonds Community Centre.

Final Installation

Edmonds Community Centre Artist


The symbols for the Aquatics themed mobile represented some of the levels in the Aquatics program.  Seahorses, angel fish, the octopus and jellyfish.  Families had the wonderful opportunity to experiment with watercolous in blue and purple hues staining coffee filters as well as layering watercolour washes on oil pastels on watercolour paper.  

fish two_edited.jpg


Our Youth Program created flags representing the cultural diversity within our Edmonds community. Butterflies hang throughout the mobile symbolizing hope, transformation and rejuvenation.  Here, patrons experimented with tempera paints on bristol.

butterflies two_edited.jpg


The symbols expressed are paint brushes and palettes(Fine Arts), musical notes(Music), daisies(Youth and Preschool representing innocence and purity), yoga poses(Fitness), irises(symbolizing the knowledge and wisdom of Seniors and masks(Drama).  Patrons layered coloured tissue paper to create textured symbols that represent our general programs. 

general programs two_edited.jpg
General programs_edited.jpg
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