"Everything begins with an idea."

- Earl Nightengale -

The commission process has always been a challenging and rewarding experience.  It has always led me to new ideas in my work.  I describe the process as a collaborative one that begins with a discussion on ideas surrounding the piece, colour, size and location.  Samples are created so clients can have a vision of their piece on a smaller scale.  These can be hung on the wall to test the chosen colours in different lighting.  During the process four - five images are sent to show the progress of the piece.  At any point after an image is shown clients may come to the studio to visit the piece and offer suggestions and changes. As I see the entire commission process as a very personal and  process-oriented experience, a booklet of photographs (5”x 7”) is given to show the entire process of the piece from beginning to end. 

 (NOTE:  Process booklets are not made for pieces under 24”x 24”)

Commissions 2.jpg


Commissions 1.jpg