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"Every year I make a commitment to experience something new, something unique. In 2022 that was working with Karen Bagayawa to create a personal commission. The journey has been a delight, from the conversations and idea generation to every step on the way to the realization of exactly what we discussed the piece would look like. The feedback and definition process was so open.


Karen was always eager to understand any feedback or preferences, and listened intently, absorbing the comments and intent and using it as a guide to improve the piece with her own flair and artistic touch. Getting the chance to see the process enlivened the experience and seeing the piece in the studio was a highpoint.


Since hanging the piece, of course, it has been the focus of conversation. But I also find my behaviour has changed. I pause, and look at it as the light catches it in a way I've not seen before. I sit in different places so that I can get a different perspective. I lean in to look at the textures and the colours, and stand back to look at the whole. I absolutely recommend the journey, the experience, and the final product. Thank you Karen."

cracked paintings artwork

Image: First Washes

commissioned artwork for home and office

Image: "The Mystery and Serenity of the
Deep Blue Sea." 
42" x 72"

art process

Image: Sample Process


"We had a wonderful experience commissioning a piece of art and working with Karen! 

A few years ago, we bought ‘Contemplating Pthalo Blue’ and wanted to commission a smaller piece with the colour pink as the main theme. We collaborated over several months. Karen involved us in every step of the commission process until we got the right ‘pink’ that was exactly what we were hoping for. We really appreciated how receptive Karen was to our feedback and suggestions. Once the painting was installed, Karen visited to make sure every detail was perfect adding the final paint touches.

Karen was so accommodating and easy to work with throughout the process - it couldn’t have been easier. We are looking forward to our next commission."

fuchsia painting

Image: First Washes

fuchsia pink painting

Image: "A Vibrant Piece For Roxanne". 48" X 48"

blue and pink painting

Image: Samples with A Pthalo Blue


"It is truly amazing when the vision you share with an artist becomes a spectacular reality!

After meeting with Karen in her beautiful space and sharing some pictures and our thoughts, she created samples that exceeded our expectations. We are thrilled with the final piece that she created for us. Karen is so warm, personable, and professional. An added bonus is the story-telling booklet that Karen put together for us, documenting her journey from idea conception to final product.


Our experience was seamless from our initial meeting to the final hanging of her masterpiece in our home. Thank you, Karen!"

commissioned artwork

Image: First Washes

nature inspired painting

Image: A West Coast Inspiration: "The Ocean, Mountains and Trees." 32" x 52"

samples for commission

Image: Sample Process

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